ASCFAWin Support Page

Welcome to the ASCFAWin support page. From here you can download the latest version of documents on different topics as and when required. Please check this page frequently as more documents will be uploaded on a regular basis.

Package Related Documents

Last Updated Description
ACFA Getting Started .pdf 09.05.18 ACFA Getting Started
ACFA Advance Search Feature .pdf 09.05.18 ACFA Advance Search Feature
New Schedule VI .pdf 20.09.13 New feature to get Schedule VI Balance Sheet as per the new format.
Upgrade May 11 to Dec 12 .pdf 31.12.12 New features added to ASCFA Software Ver 6.0
Accounts Master .pdf 31.05.08 Explanation about new creating Companies and / or
new accounting years of existing Companies
ASCFAUtilities Module .pdf 30.08.08 Explanation of the different utilities
ASCFAInstallation steps .pdf 28.04.08 Steps to install ASCFA package on your system
BankCash PettyCash Entry .pdf 03.06.08 Explanation about the Bank / Cash / Petty Cash Entry
BalanceCarry Forward .pdf 28.04.08 Explanation about the balance carry forward utility
Company Master .pdf 27.05.08 Explanation about using the accounts master module
Cost Centers .pdf 28.06.06 Explanation about cost centers , configuration and implementation.
Depreciation Report .pdf 21.10.08 Explanation on depreciation calculation
Getting Started .pdf 10.09.08 Explanation of interface and general conventions used in the package
HowDoI .pdf 28.04.08 Answers to certain specific questions on various tasks
Item Master .pdf 27.05.08 Explanation about using the item master module
ImbalanceCheck Utility .pdf 28.06.06 Explanation about the different kind of checks available to trace inconsistency of data
Journal Entry .pdf 04.06.08 Explanation about Journal Entry
Multiple Parties Payment .pdf 28.04.08

Explanation about how to use Multiple Parties Payment interface available in Consolidated Statement of Outstandings

OutStanding Tracking .pdf 08.09.09 Outstanding Tracking Module Manual
PurchaseExpenseBillsEntry .pdf 31.05.08 Explanation about Purchase Expense Bills Entry
Pending Sales Tax Forms .pdf 19.09.08 Explanation about the Pending Sales tax forms that are due from customers on account of sale under CST 4% etc.
Register Master .pdf 12.06.08 Explanation of the register master , how to create different types of registers
Stock Adjustment Entry .pdf 04.06.08 Explanation about Stock Adjustment Entry
Sales Bills Entry .pdf 31.05.08 Explanation about Sales Bills Entry
Service Tax Report .pdf 22.07.09 Explanation about Service Tax Collection Report and Challan
TDS Module .pdf 29.04.08 Full explanation of the TDS module
TDS Cert Recv .pdf 23.07.09 Track the Certificates which are Receivable from Customer and other parties.
Upgrade 4 .pdf 28.06.06 Major changes in version 4
Upgrade 4.1 .pdf 20.11.06 Major changes in version 4.1
Upgrade 5 .pdf 18.02.08 Major Changes in ver 5
User Defined Reports .pdf 18.02.08 Create reports in your very own format by using User Defined Reports
User Rights .pdf 29.04.08 Explanation of how to give rights to different users in different modules in a multi user environment

Software Installation Documents

Backup / Restore Data .pdf 28.04.08 Instructions for manual backups / auomatic backups and restore of databases
LogMeIn .pdf 08.12.06 Instructions on how to setup logmein software
MSDE Installation .pdf 14.03.08 Installation of MSDE / SQL Server on Windows XP (Peer to Peer Networks)
SQLDesktop Installation .pdf 28.06.06 Installation of SQL desktop version for single user systems
SQLServer installation .pdf 11.02.08 Installation of SQL Server on Server OS (eg.Windows 2000 Server,Windows 2003 Server)

HASP Lock Installation Files Hasp License Manager V8.31 Software required for Multi user software installation Hasp Device Drivers V4.99.5.20 required for single user software installation Hasp Installation Guide for Windows based softwares Hasp Configuration files for Windows based softwares Hasp Installation Guide for DOS based softwares Hasp Configuration files for DOS based softwares DLL file required with Installation of ASCFA V5 version and above