ARC has specialization in customized software development. With more than 100 customized software’s and decades of experience, we innovate and advance with every new project in software customization.

Customized Software development is one of the core and mainstream activity. We have more than 24 years of experience in developing customized software’s for SMB segments. This software department is headed by a Chartered Accountant, Commerce professional and a MCA with 45+ years of experience between them.

We believe that there is more to software then just developing it. Therefore we give best efforts in understanding the business operations, suggest better means, recommend the best technological alternatives and give a software solution to our customer, backed with solid support.

Staying a float since 1983, the company had developed its first software on CPM based machines, providing services to clients to store their financial accounting data and processing it. Since then Financial Accounting systems has been the core to our development activities.

Spectrum of domains / business for which software solutions have been provided

Garment Traders
Liquid Cargo Tank Farms
Building Constructions
Garment Wholesalers
Liquid Cargo Transporters
Chartered Accountants
General Items Merchandiser
Plastic Manufacturers
Chemical & Pharmaceutical Traders
Gold & Diamond Jewelry Showroom
Plastic Traders
Courier & Logistic Companies
Print & Publishing House
Distributors for Manufacturing Companies like PIDILITE
HR Consultants
Shoe Last Manufacturers
Manufacturers of Electrical Fittings
Indenting Agencies
Terminal Manufacturers
Manufacturers of Garment
Lifestyle Showrooms
Fancy Fans & Wooden Flooring Showrooms

Broad range of active software products and customized applications

  Customized ERP software’s covering Financial Accounting, Order Processing and Invoicing for single or multiple locations / companies
  Financial Accounting Application
  Inventory Management Application
  Liquid Tank Farm Stock Handling Application
  Payroll Application
  Gold and Diamond Jewelry Inventory and Accounting Application
  Order Processing Application
  Indent Management Application
  Invoicing Application
  Hospital Management Application
  Hardware Maintenance Application
  Publishing and Release Order Management Application
  Outstanding Control System
  Credit Control System


Our Approach

We take the following holistic route to the development all the customized software’s.

Initial Meets

Discuss present business needs and problems
Understand existing computerized environment and infrastructure
Provide brief write-up / documentation defining broad scope of project with approximate time and    cost estimation.

Consulting for computerization of business operations

Detailed Discussions for Information Gathering
System Requirement Analysis and Modeling
Mockups and Format Approvals
Submission of Final specification document with exact cost and time

Breaking the Project in Phases

We believe in developing any project in phases and delivering the same in logical units.
The entire project is broken into logical Phases

Modules are developed individually and are deployed upon completion
With this approach the client regularly gets modules, finds enough time for testing it and also   gets expertly trained on the same
Modules comprise of data entry modules, reports, utilities etc.

Development, Testing and Deployment

Development is carried on at our own development office
Modules are developed and tested (Alpha Testing)
Modules are deployed and users are trained (Beta Testing)
Changes / revisions are made based on feedback of customer which brings the module to its      finalization

Completion of the Project

Once all the modules are developed and deployed project is termed as completed.


Providing dedicated and professional support is an unsaid part of the whole project.It becomes more and more active and necessary with addition of every module.

Training users, making them use the most of the software developed is part of this exercise.

Upgrading software to make it compatible with ever changing technology

Provide new versions for fixing of bugs / errors in software, upgrades required, meet new challenges in business.

We consider support to be the backbone of any application developed and provide the best of our efforts in this area.

Now with the availability of superior internet connectivity, providing support has become a pleasant experience. We use processes like remote access and remote logging for troubleshooting of problems in software, which serves as the most quick and hassle free way to manage support related issues.

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